8835 Feusisberg, Firststrasse 1, Suisse
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La société

What we do


ProActys is a boutique Management and IT consulting firm based in Switzerland, operating worldwide.

Thanks to its experienced consultants, ProActys has a comprehensive understanding of all fields of consulting: "business", "process" and "systems integration".

We partner with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to address their most critical challenges, and help them transform their enterprises.

We recognize that conducting business in a fast moving world and different cultures to provide a valued experience to our clients, furnish them with the appropriate tools to manage and pilot their companies, to help them to rapidly gain new customers and to control their costs, is a challenging objective.

We believe that the common "currency" to achieve this objective is:

  • the values of honesty, integrity and trust
  • a continual investment in an open and transparent communication
  • the flexibility and commitment to understanding our client's business challenges and methodologies
  • a commitment to delivering our PROMISE

OUR reward will be to be considered as YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER.

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our advantages

Our fields of expertise
  • Process Management Optimisation and Automation - BPM
  • Documents Management and Dematerialization - DMS / ECM
  • Change Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Core Banking Solutions
  • Specific Developments (project management, business analysis)


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Our strengths
  • Support the needs of our fast moving clients
  • Adaptability to our clients requirements
  • Proved methodology and best practices
  • Competence and professionalism
  • Multi-Lingual consultants


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Our motto

"Your focus on your own Business is our mission"

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Who we are


First known under the name of Bellue & Partner since 2009, ProActys was founded in July 2012 as a Limited Company . The same year, they obtained from the SECO the authorization to act as a consultant at his clients offices. 


Chantal Bellue, expert in organization management, is the Founder and Managing Director of ProActys Gmbh.

Chantal has served during more than 20 years in a number of companies, in various sectors such as banking, insurance, pension funds, information technologies, oil & gas and perfume industry. Her specialties have been project management, business analysis, Financial analysis and control and IT governance. Chantal holds a FA and a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business Architecture and Organizations Management. Chantal teaches Change Management at the University of Geneva and at the Swiss Association for Organization Management.


ProActys Platform
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